Schedule for GNE White Sox

Date Day Time Visitor Home Field
3/7/2017 Tuesday 6:00 PM Capitol Park Rockies GNE White Sox Kirby #6
3/20/2017 Monday 6:00 PM GNE White Sox GNE Pirates Live Oak #3
3/24/2017 Friday 7:45 PM GNE Rays GNE White Sox Kirby #6
3/29/2017 Wednesday 6:00 PM GNE White Sox WC Cubs Windcrest Majors
3/31/2017 Friday 7:45 PM Capitol Park Cubs GNE White Sox Kirby #6
4/3/2017 Monday 7:45 PM GNE White Sox Capitol Park Red Sox Capitol Park South Majors
4/10/2017 Monday 6:00 PM GNE White Sox GNE Rangers Live Oak #3
4/15/2017 Saturday 11:00 AM GNE Cardinals GNE White Sox Kirby #6
4/20/2017 Thursday 6:00 PM GNE White Sox Capitol Park Rockies Capitol Park South Majors
4/21/2017 Friday 7:45 PM GNE Yankees GNE White Sox Kirby #6
4/24/2017 Monday 6:00 PM GNE White Sox Capitol Park Rangers Capitol Park South Majors
4/25/2017 Tuesday 6:00 PM WC Toros GNE White Sox Kirby #6
5/2/2017 Tuesday 6:00 PM GNE Pirates GNE White Sox Kirby #6
5/12/2017 Friday 6:00 PM GNE White Sox GNE Rays Kirby #6


Minors Pitch Count Rules

1 - 20 pitches (0) days rest

21 - 35 pitches (1) days rest

36 - 50 pitches (2) days rest

51 - 65 pitches (3) days rest

66 or more pitches (4) days rest

Maximum pitches per day:

League Age 9&10yo 75 pitches

League Age 11yo 85 pitches

GNELL Mission

Greater Northeast Little League is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide instruction, guidance and exemplary leadership, through the Little League program, to assist children in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being. Espousing the virtues of character, courage, loyalty and selflessness, the Little League program is designed to develop superior citizens through participation in baseball, softball and community service.