Little League® Baseball and Softball has launched the online destination of its new training and education platform, Little League University. is designed to transform the way volunteers, league and district administrators, coaches, and parents experience learning about the Little League program.

 “Empowering Little League volunteers with the most robust training and education available can only better their experience in the program, and the experiences of children around the world,” said Stephen D. Keener, Little League President and CEO. “The vision of Little League University is to create a welcoming environment, where all of our constituents can come to learn at their own pace. Valuing the limited time of today’s volunteers, the arrangement and assortment of information on Little League U is designed to be user-friendly, easily shared, and thorough, but by no means overwhelming.” connects volunteers to engaging training videos and informative how-to articles, designed to educate users on the best practices for operating and enjoying a successful local Little League. The content on will be updated consistently throughout the year to ensure that all volunteers have the information they need on relevant topics.

“People want to learn, and do so in a variety of ways,” said Nick Caringi, Little League Senior Director of Operations and Education. “It is our intention through Little League University to give our volunteers the opportunity to become immersed in the program. Whether it be through viewing a video presentation, reviewing a printed article or document, or watching a PowerPoint presentation, we welcome everyone to visit and explore this unique learning environment.”

The dedicated, user-friendly portal features customized instruction, an assortment of practice plans for all facets of the program, including District Administrators, League Presidents and local board members, umpires, coaches, and parents. The new website builds on the success of the Coaches Resource Center and Umpire Resource Center that were launched in 2008. will replace these two websites, providing a one-stop online experience for all Little League volunteers and parents to receive training and educational materials.

The Little League University website is responsive and optimized to be viewed on desktop and laptop computers, tablets of all sizes, and mobile devices. A free account can be created using a valid e-mail address; or through the Facebook, Google Plus and LinkedIn social sign in.

GNELL Mission

Greater Northeast Little League is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide instruction, guidance and exemplary leadership, through the Little League program, to assist children in developing the qualities of citizenship, discipline, teamwork and physical well-being. Espousing the virtues of character, courage, loyalty and selflessness, the Little League program is designed to develop superior citizens through participation in baseball, softball and community service.